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Callen Shaw

is a game developer focused on helping people have fun. In 2008, he began releasing Xbox 360 games as The Unallied, and now builds mobile, VR, and other games as callenshaw indiegames. At callen.me you can learn about his projects, work, and experience.

Employment History

As a serious-games and health technology developer, built the Kinect-powered Recovery Warrior for relapse prevention, as well as projects for mobile, VR, and Amazon Alexa, which are awaiting clinical trials.
Developed Slots Champion and Boxy Boarder using Unity 3D. Built a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of the company's flagship App, White Noise, for desktop, mobile, and Xbox One.
Released VR Party Club in Steam Early Access in 2018. Released mobile version of Drinkards on Google Play in 2015. Developed 10 commercial titles for Xbox 360, 2008-2013. Presented games at conventions in D.C., Baltimore, Seattle, and Boston.
Hired as contractor on interactive entertainment projects, including an online highscore table for an iOS and Android pinball app, a QR-Code registration app for tablets, and a re-skin of a digital celebrity autograph app.

Game Development

Featured Projects

Developed over a dozen VR minigames and tied them together with a board game taking inspiration from Mario Party. The game has won multiple awards, and been shown at conventions to over 1,000 players. The COVID-19 pandemic changed development plans, however, from pass-and-play local multiplayer, to online multiplayer (in development).
This reboot of The Unallied's Xbox 360 game, Drinkards, allows an unlimited number of players to connect over the internet and play an online drinking game together. Take turns drawing 'kards with written drinking rules, and compete in Sobriety Tests to get the lowest BAC.
Developed to promote a Kickstarter campaign, this game is programmed entirely in native JavaScript using just the <canvas> element. It can be played with Keyboard, Mouse, or Gamepad on a computer, and it supports three separate tilt- and touch- based control styles when played in a mobile browser.
The second of three Xbox 360 Drinkards games, D.B.P. was the most ambitious - and successful - title by The Unallied. Play Beer Pong with simlated 3D physics against the CPU, or try to climb the one-player Streak Mode's Global Highscores. Customize the House Rules in local multiplayer matches, or compete against anyone in the world with online multiplayer.
This exploration of stereoscopic (dual-image) 3D is designed to deliver eye-popping 3D visuals. Works on 3D-TVs, or on standard screens with the use of Red/Cyan glasses. One or two Players volley balls down a corridor, trying to break the blocks within. The 3D-enhanced sense of depth improves a player's ability to track and hit the balls.

Other Projects

Developed ten commercial titles for Xbox 360 Indie Games marketplace, and created theunallied.com to promote these and related game projects. The site was taken offline long after the closure of the marketplace, due to insecurity in Drupal.
In 2013, completed this online challenge by finishing a new game in every month of the year. Submissions included Xbox 360 releases as well as free HTML5 games for browser and mobile - games like "90 Seconds to the End of the Universe" .


University of Pittsburgh - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. (April 2009)

brain sample brain-sample.wmv

Research Projects

Produced a volume renderer that highlights the Brodmann Areas in the human brain, using 3D scan data. See the results in the linked video.
Modelled an indoor evacuation system using QR Codes, tested as a directed scavenger hunt. Our research was included in the MobiDE 2009 conference.